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So I keep finding myself wanting to explain somethings in each post it applies to.  I have no idea who reads this blog, much less how regularly so I am adding this page as kind of a FAQ  but really they are just the guidelines I follow when posting.

Why do some recipe have a link and some are listed?
If the recipe is from a blogger, I post a link to that person's blog and their recipe.  If the recipe is from some where like Food & Wine or a big food site because they don't need the traffic.  I always include a link to the original recipe, all you have to do is click on the recipe title.

Where do you get your recipes from?
If you didn't read the above question's answer, you can find the original recipe by clicking the title of the recipe (not the post) and that will take you to the place I found the recipe.

Why do you include the recipes you disliked?
Well, I do for a several reasons.  One, this blog is kind of like my diary and want to write in it everyday and not all recipes are good.  This way, I can keep track of the ones I like and don't like.  Two, sometimes, I think there are improvements that could be made and I would like the dish, so this is my way of keeping those thoughts in case I ever do want to revisit the dish.  Third, and biggest reason, not everyone has the same tastes.  It is a fact that someone out there likes that recipe, and I want to share recipes.  If that recipe I disliked sounded like something you would adore, you can try it and learn from any mistakes I made before you attempt it yourself.

Why are you doing this blog?
I started it as an easy way to share recipes with my friends.  After about a month of dinners, I decided I wanted to do a year of different dinners.  I had a nice group of recipes I made and made well, but I wanted to challenge myself to learn more.  I also wanted expose my family (and myself) to new and different flavors.  If I wanted to stay on track, nothing keeps you in line like a public declaration right?  I have stuck with the different dinners better than if I hadn't been doing the blog.  I also am on track with keeping Mondays Meatless.  I never thought about it before, and we often have vegetarian meals more than once a week, but now I have one day I make sure we do.

What is with the insanity label and what is this war you keep referring to?
I am a bit schizophrenic when it comes to my grocery shopping habits.  I haven't been able to enjoy processed food since my last pregnancy when it began to make me queasy, but I have inherited my mom's shop like its doomsday habits.  Like nature abhors a vacuum,  I do an empty larder.  I need provisions for a month or I feel the need to shop, but things with that kind of shelf life are not the things I usually like to cook with.  (dried pasta, beans etc aside)  As a result I am in a constant state of tension where my need to use up items (Never throw out anything useful!  Perish the thought!), battles with my need to be ready for... well anything.  The most realistic worry would be a hurricane, but don't try to put a rational spin on it.  It is my own personal brand of crazy and thank my lucky stars that that's all the arena that my crazy affects.  (you, friends, family and husband, keep your mouth shut;)  That is my ONLY brand of crazy!)  So every now and again, I feel the need to improvise meals out of the crap and clutter I find in my kitchen.  It may contradict my stated desire but avoiding waste and Armageddon shopping seem to trump it.

About Me:
I am a self taught cook, mother of a preschool girl and a tween boy, and love to eat but can't afford the restaurants that I like to eat in, so I had to learn to do it myself.  How?  Well I watch a lot of cooking shows, read anything I can get my hands on and a lot of trial and error:).  I think the source of my inspiration and an amazing resource for learning all things culinary is the show Good Eats by Alton Brown.  Before I really cooked anything, I got in to his show and loved that it didn't just teach a recipe but a technique.  It didn't hurt that he totally appealed to my sci fi geek inner self;)

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