Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Surf and Turf Salad

Well the boy asked for crab legs tonight. I so wanted to get them for him, but at $10.99 a pound, I wasn't going to make them the entire dinner.  SO, since it is soccer night, and our traditional soccer night meal has been grilled steak salad, I decided to do both.  We made the salad and I got a couple of clusters for him. (we helped:)  In retrospect, the steak was pretty pricey too, but I know it was much less than I would have spent on the crab. With the leftover steak, he will be having steak and eggs for breakfast.  Best thing about the meal, which made the extra I spent on the crab totally worth it, was to see the grinning gusto with which the boy ate his crab!  I would have spent millions on that.

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