Saturday, November 12, 2011

Food and Wine Festival

We had a date night and went to one of the two Halafax Food and Wine festivals.  I have no idea what is up with that.  It sounds like there is drama there.  I found out about the second one after the fact.  It seems stupid to do them on the same night because I would have liked to have gone to both. (had I known there were 2) Maybe I did but never realized it was two different ones because they have the same name.  We ended up at the one at the News Journal.  It was fun and there was lots to eat and drink.  It is hard to serve food there away from a proper kitchen but I think there were some poor choices of dishes that don't travel well. (crab cakes? not really a good lukewarm thing)  I will say that more than the positives the the big negatives stand out more and will be businesses I don't plan on ever using.  First Crush wine shop.  You send some arrogant guy who was not exactly a joy.  He did a few things I found really annoying, starting with asking what I liked, and then proceeded to pour a glass of the ONLY thing I said I didn't care for.  In the future, say something like "I know you said that you didn't like this but this one is a bit different", not try this then, you like it?, ha it is what you said you didn't like.  I didn't think it was great, but unlike you, I had some manners and said it was OK.  Also, when discussing wines I have recently enjoyed DO NOT ask what I paid for it and where I got it and then say I would have gotten a better deal from you.  I have done a lot of comparison shopping on wine and I can tell you that you are not the best deal in town.  I might have gone to you in a pinch before, now I will do without.  Next, Naked Grape.  I know that you had your rep there and were trying to advertise your wine without giving away the store, but there was barely enough to taste in the glass, and when I said a little more you must have thought I said a drop.  As my friend put it best, "better not smell it, its only vapors in there."  I have no idea what your wine truly tasted like because you didn't give enough to take even a sip.  I don't plan on giving you any of my dollars to try it in the future now. Most of the other businesses that were there were better at selling their product without giving away an enormous portion.  So while I had a great time with great friends, and will happily go again, more than finding businesses I like (even though I did) I walk away with a stronger impression of two businesses I don't care for.

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