Sunday, December 4, 2011

Asian Scallop Salad

Well I was planning on making meatloaf tonight.  The problem was I was late getting to the grocery and the two kids were making be desperately want a Valium prescription.  So I decided to buy the meatloaf ingredients for tomorrow and make an easy salad.  This is a recipe I got from Publix apron meals.  Usually I think these meals are just alright.  I prefer the longer original recipes to the really quick ones Publix has to offer. This one is an exception. This is about the fastest recipe I know.  The best thing I got from this recipe is a perfect way to cook those little bay scallops.  (High heat, two minutes without stirring, quick stir, two more minutes and done.) I don't use the Mandarin oranges, but they were in the original recipe.  I can't find the original recipe on line and I don't have the card,l but I had this general template written down. Tonight I added scallions and cucumbers.

Asian Scallop Salad

Frozen Bay Scallops
 Mixed Spring Salad mix bag
Grape Tomatoes Halved
Chow mien Noodles
Mandarin Orange Segments
Mokoto or other ginger/Asian salad dressing
Sesame marinade
1.Thaw scallops under running water for about 5 minutes (pat dry)
2.Heat a pan over almost high heat for 2 minutes
3.add about a ¼ cup of the marinade then add the scallops
4.cook 2 minutes (don't stir or touch them in any way)
5.While the scallops are cooking dump greens in a bowl and halve the
tomatoes.  Add the noodles and oranges to the salad.
6.stir the scallops and let them cook another 2 minutes
7.Toss the salad with the dressing with the scallops


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