Monday, December 12, 2011

Burgers for the Boy

Well after feeding our son that vegetable soup (which you would have swore was against the Geneva convention by the way he talked about it afterwards;), I told him he could choose dinner when we got back from my mother in law's house. He choose burgers. Well they had a deal on this organic, grass fed & certified humane ground beef. I have been wanting to to try it anyways. Well, was it worth almost $8 for the pound? I say yes for the following reasons: 1) usually the smell of ground beef cooking is not pleasant to me. I noticed this time I did not avoid breathing through my nose ;). 2) humane! Organic! And I did notice a taste difference because of the grass diet. I don't think that it is worth the splurge with all the toppings I require on a burger, but for a steak... Yes! ( I need mayo, ketchup, onion, pickle and tomato. No cheese). The best burger tip ever came from Alton Brown. Use the mayo as a fat barrier on the bottom bun to prevent sogginess! Brilliant! Yes those are frozen french fries.  They are a useful snack for a picky 2 year old that eats NO carbs but french fries and pizza crust. (WT...) and I was feeling lazy as I was up at 5 for no good reason and couldn't go back to sleep.  The beef was unadulterated.  Not even salt and it was totally yummy.

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