Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Down Side of Cooking

Today I find myself way behind on the dinner process. It's my own fault but now it is 7:00PM and I have at least another hour to go. Yes it is almost all inactive but it's a school night. Well as the dinner will keep in its ready to bake state until tomorrow, I finish it off as I open a frozen pizza. Now who doesn't like pizza. I once (ok still) had a positive love of totinos. (now that I have told you I really should kill you ;). I bought one of the fancier frozen pizzas thinking it would be good in a pinch. Much like the pinch I find myself in Tonight! WRONG! Totinos I can love for their greasy disgusting glory. This pizza (which was just as much work and possibly more time than homemade) was foul! It tasted raw. The imitation mozzarella was not the melty goodness it should have been and the sauce, well let's just say meh. I didn't take a picture. (you know what pizza looks like lol) While I am happy and proud of the removal of processed foods and quick meals, I am finding that one, albeit small, downside is a form of culinary snobbery I would rather not have.

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