Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Côte D'azur Cure-All Soup & Souffle Aux Blanc D'oeufs

I loved Julia's Garlic soup, and this is similar so thought I would try it. (also my boy has been begging for the garlic soup again)  It came in one of my many email recipes.  I got the souffle recipe from Julia's iconic cookbook.  I have been wanting to try it so I can have a use for saved and frozen egg whites.  (other than royal icing that is)  I thought making these together would be perfect as  each recipe requires either 6 egg whites and 6 egg yolks. So I embark on my 3rd souffle, but a new recipe that I haven't made.  I am not quite sure what happened with the "bechamel" part, but it was a solid chunk when I went to do the boiling part. So what solves everything?  MORE CREAM!  I added more until the whole solid mess was a semi liquid bubbling mess. Now I am waiting and praying and thinking, hey at least the soup will be OK right?  Well the soup was very good, but I think the first garlic soup was better.  The souffle was tasty but too rich and consistency wasn't right.  I cooked it longer than recommended but still very runny even though the eggs were set.  Also it was SO rich we are all feeling a bit ill but that is probably because we ate so much of it.   Next time, I will just have the soup or the souffle but not both.  I am looking foreword to perfecting the souffle:), but I will most likely not be making this version of the soup next time but the Julia version.

Côte D'azur Cure-All Soup
10    medium garlic cloves (about 1 large head),peeled
6    fresh sage leaves
2    bay leaves
2    large thyme sprigs
6 c  water,or 3 cups water and 3 cups chicken or veal stock
1 t  kosher salt,plus more as needed
6    large egg yolks
1 c  finely grated Parmesan cheese (about 3 ounces)
Freshly ground black pepper
Extra-virgin olive oil,for serving
[Note: (with egg white souffle?)]
Halve each garlic clove and remove the germ in the center; discard the
germ. Thinly slice the garlic and place in a large saucepan.
Tie the sage, bay leaves, and thyme together with butchers twine, or
bundle them in a piece of cheesecloth tied closed with twine. Place the
herb bundle in the saucepan, along with the water (or water and broth)
and the measured salt. Bring to a boil over high heat, reduce the heat
to low, and simmer gently for 30 minutes. Discard the herb bundle,
keeping the broth at a simmer.
Place the yolks and cheese in a medium bowl and whisk to combine. Add a
few ladlefuls of soup to the cheese mixture and whisk until smooth.
While whisking the soup in the saucepan, gradually add the cheese-soup
mixture in a steady stream (the yolks will thicken the soup somewhat).
Remove the pot from the heat and whisk for 1 minute more (if you keep
it over the heat too long, the yolks may curdle). Taste the soup and
season with salt and pepper as needed. Serve immediately, with a
drizzle of olive oil over each portion.

Souffle Aux Blanc D'oeufs
The whole souffle looked alright.
2 1/2 T  Butter
3 T  Flour
3/4 c  Light Cream,Simmering
1/2 t  Salt
1/8 t  Pepper
pn Nutmeg
6    Egg White
3/4 c  Swiss Cheese,Coarsely Grated
3/4 c  Swiss Cheese,Cut Into 1/4"Dice
[Note: ( with cote soup?)]
Pre heat over to 400
Butter a 6 cup souffle mold and sprinkle with grated cheese
Measure out your ingredients
Cook butter and flour slowly together in a sauce pan for 2 minutes
without coloring them
Off heat, beat in cream and seasonings
Boil, stirring for one minute and remove from heat
Beat egg whites with a big pinch of salt until stiff
Stir 1/4 of them into the souffle mixture
Stir in all but one tbsp of the grated cheese and then the diced cheese
Fold in the rest of the egg whites
Turn mixture in to prepared souffle mold and sprinkle with the
remaining cheese
Set mold in the middle of pre heated oven and immediately reduce heat
to 375
Bake 25 to 30 minutes until souffle has puffed and browned
Serve immediately

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