Thursday, January 12, 2012

The First Breakfast Post

Well I have limited my recipes to dinners because breakfast and lunch would triple my work, and most breakfasts and lunches are pretty straight forward. (who needs a recipe for fried eggs or a sandwich) However, I am so happy with myself, I have got to share. :) I had a couple of everything bagels that my husband was going to put into the compost bin since the had become slightly less than as hard as a rock.  I said I had a plan for them.  They bagels were cut into small cubes and mixed with some beaten eggs (4 I think) and milk. ( a cup I want to say)  I then added a bit more of each just until it looked like enough liquid to really soak in the bread.  Add some cubes of cream cheese, sliced scallions and minced sun dried tomatoes, gently mix, and top with some slices of muenster cheese.  I covered it and let it soak overnight.  Next morning I baked it at 400 for a half an hour.  (this is all based on the ham and cheese strata recipe from 10/24/11) It was pretty good.  I didn't add any seasonings as I threw in all the toppings that had shaken loose in the bag and figured that would be enough.  It wasn't.  I would also have like more cream cheese.  Not a bad beginning point.

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