Sunday, January 8, 2012


Holy crap! I don't care for nachos or chili for that matter but my mind has been changed! My lovely friends invited me to watch a football game; while the game disappointed, the food didn't. While all was delicious ( as expected) the nachos blew me away. No, I don't have the recipe, and no I would never ask. I have enough recipes that are my forte, I love that they have a recipe I will dream about and never try to recreate. How to describe it? Meaty, cheesey, lettucy chip goodness:)  I don't usually put a post without a recipe, but I not only wanted to honor a delicious dish, but remind myself that never think the jury is out on a dish.  You may have had something hundreds of time and not care for it, but there very likely one version out there you will!

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