Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tenderloin Steaks with Bulgar and Salad

Still on my mission to clean out what we have rather than shop, I have decided to cook the steaks we cut off the tenderloin we were using for the Beef Wellington.  They were vacuum sealed so no freezer burn. (yay)  I guess this is a bit of a rift on my steak salad in that the salad is pretty much the steak salad without the steak on top of it and with a starch.  I opted for bulgar.  Bulgar is such a neglected side dish.  It works like rice but it has this wonderful nutty and chewy texture that makes rice just seem sad.  (sorry to rice but you know it's true;)  It cooks quickly (about 15 min) and just like rice, you sub out the water for broth and some butter and MAGIC.  I added some raw finely chopped onion.  Yes I was lazy; I should have sauteed it first but I'm tired and wanted tonight's dinner to be quick and easy.  No recipe here, just a recommendation for eating bulgar:) I am also happy to report that those yellow tomatoes came out of my garden.  That is the first food plant (that wasn't herbs) that I have managed to grow!

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