Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Clean Out the Fridge Soup 2

Upon opening the refrigerator yesterday, I saw I had 4 (count them 4) open cartons of stock. They needed to be used, and I had some odds and ends I needed to use up too, so it is another clean out the fridge soup. What did I find that I needed to use?

½ bunch of Italian parsley
½ jar of pimentos
2 parsnips
½ onion
½ can of tomato paste
4 stalks of celery
4 scallions
1/3 to ½ of a carton each of vegetable, chicken (x2) and chicken with wine and herbs stock
1 frozen chicken breast (for tomorrow’s dinner)
2 rinds from parmesan cheese
½ cup of cream

They didn’t need to be used but I threw in a couple of cloves of garlic as well and a bit of olive oil to sauté the veggies

So I put the oil in a stock pot. Added the parsnips (peeled and diced), celery (diced), onion (diced) and scallions (sliced) with a pinch of salt and cooked over medium heat until the celery and onion became soft. I threw in the pimentos and cooked another minute. I added the tomato paste, parsley, the garlic I forgot to add until the last minute and the stock and cooked about 10-15 minutes until the parsnips were very soft. Using an immersion blender, I pureed the soup until smooth. I threw in the chicken and the parmesan rinds and reduced to low and let it simmer until the chicken was cooked. I removed the chicken and saved it for tomorrow’s dinner and threw out the parmesan rind and added the cream. Taste for seasoning. It didn’t need any salt but I threw in a pinch of red pepper flakes. Then I cooked it a minute more just to make sure the cream didn’t cool it down too much.


We topped it with some parmesan. We all loved it. It was tasty and helped me clean upJ

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