Friday, May 25, 2012

A Combination To Work With

The sun was not shining, it was too wet to play, my husband wouldn't be home for dinner that day.  So I sat there staring, not knowing what to do, and I thought how I wish I had some other food*!

*to work with in my fridge;)

Whenever my brain is too tired, taxed or just plain wants a vacation, I seem to regress to silliest moments of childhood.  I have a refrigerator full to bursting and a pantry that is rebelling against its lack of room by periodically tossing food at me when I open the door, so I still my urge to shop for what I want to eat tonight and say I will just make sustenance and forget how tasty it is.  I'm not even that hungry, but the kids need to eat.  What is the number one thing that I need to use and I will build a dish around it.  The refrigerator, (who I think is planning it's attacks with the pantry) says well the thing that needs to be used is the 'krab'.  OK I have to confess, I have a weakness for the fake crab.  I like making it in to salad for lunch, but as for cooking with it...  What does one do?  I decide not to let the fridge win this battle and head to the computer for ideas.  Of all the recipes that came up, the crab Alfredo looked promising.  I have never made it because when you have good crab, why cover it up with a heavy sauce but with krab...  I glance a the fridge and think, I am definitely going to win this round.  OK I open the doors again.  I say not only am I going to use that krab, I will raise you... I spy broccoli.  Broccoli is often in Alfredo. Yes I will use it too.  I also see some corn my daughter didn't finish.  Corn and crab are delicious together.  I grab it.  I see some sour cream in a piping bag that I had for the chilequiles.  Ha, I'm taking that too.  I give the fridge a smirk.  You think you can beat me with krab.  I will show you by using remnants of 4 meals past!  Of course once my back is turned I look at my assembled ingredients and have a moment of doubt.  (thankfully the fridge and pantry can't see me;)
Well to keep this long rant of a madwoman short, I don't really have a recipe as I was in full silly child mode, but the end result was tasty enough for me to want to try it again in a more serious frame of mind.  Basically I just sauteed the krab in some butter then sprinkled it with some flour to make a roux.  Cooked it a bit and added some half and half.  Tossed in the corn, broccoli that I had blanched in the pasta water, almost cooked pasta, sour cream and a good amount of the pasta water.  It wasn't bad, in fact I quite enjoyed it.  Next time if I plan on a proper sauce, I think it just might be really great.

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