Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Well, since it is mother's day, I get taken out to dinner.  Normally I would just skip tonight's post, but I gotta give a local business some serious props!  Originally we were to try a new place as my husband knows it is a bit of an obsession to try every place in town that could even remotely be good.  We had been to this place before so.... if it weren't for a faulty hot water heater, we would have had the time to travel to New Smyrna and would have missed out on what could be on the top ten meals I have ever eaten EVER.  (keeping future meal in mind too!)  So just a heads up to anyone ever in the Daytona beach/ Ormond beach area you must try Toscana 621 S Yonge St in Ormond. (386) 615-0350. If you are interested you can read the reviews (including mine) at

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