Saturday, May 19, 2012

Progressive Dinner #3

Our third progressive dinner in the neighborhood happened tonight.  It was as always  full of amazing friends, family and food.  Just to reiterate, a progressive dinner is where each course takes place at another location.  In this case a different house on the cul de sac.  It is really fun to do because everyone can be the host of the party and the movement keeps the party fresh.  You sit with different people, new scenery, and conversation is sparked my many things.  There was a loose theme of favorite 'celeberty' chef, and  I believe the first dish we started out with was either a famous grandma or her grandson who made this dish:)  It was a wonderful dish.  The ingredients were chicken, mushrooms, broccoli and pasta tossed lightly in a honey mustard sauce.  So good that I ate way to much knowing that there was much to follow. And I was not alone in this;).

Next we had a  Green Chile Cheeseburger from Bobby Flay.  It sort of reminded me of the nacho burger of his we tried, but this one was SO much better.  I loved the peppers and the vinegary tang they gave to the sandwich.  The queso for the burger was also used a dip with the chips.  The slider was served with potato wedges. Everyone commented on how original and delicious the burger was and was among every one's favorite.

The next course was mine.  I made Martha Stewart's Lettuce Bundles.  I made it because my family all really like it and  it was suggested by a friend as a good one to make.  It is a butter lettuce leaf with a piece of soy marinated and grilled chicken with cucumbers, scallions, raman noodles tossed in a spicy peanut sauce and chopped peanuts with some more peanut sauce drizzled on top.  We had sriracha for those who liked a little more heat.

So loosening our belts because all of us are secretly Italian Grandmothers that over feed guests, we went on to our next course, a light summer pasta with green beans, corn, tomatoes and feta cheese.  It was delicious. I had no room for it when I started the dish, but somehow I managed. 

Now we are beyond Thanksgiving full, but we have our desert queen as our last course.  She made Emeril's Key Lime Pie.  Now we had a Conch in our group. (Conch for those of you who don't know are people from Key West)  This was not your usual key lime pie, and it still got our resident conch's seal of approval!  It had a sour cream frosting. I have eaten a lot of key lime pie in the keys and have never heard of such a thing and was intrigued.  It had an unusual and contrasting tartness that went with the key lime really well.

I just love my neighbors and am daily thankful to have them in my life. Thank you again for a wonderful meal and excellent company.

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