Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Easy Thai Grilled Eggplant

I had a variety of gorgeous eggplants from my Front Porch Pickings basket.  I decided rather than puree these beauties into Baba Ganoush, which everyone would eat, I was making them all for me.  I had been wanting to try this recipe anyways.  The sauce was good but very garlicky, so go light.  The biggest issue with the dish was totally my fault.  Some of the eggplants in the basket were babies and not ideal grilling fodder. That kept the recipe from being great.  I also hate to not to do justice to a great product so that's a double grrrrr for me.  Oh added bonus, the high sugar content of the sauce make it quite a chore to clean up the grill. (or grill basket as in my case)
Easy Thai Grilled Eggplant

1 Chinese eggplant (other types of eggplant will work too)
4 T soy sauce
4 T oyster sauce
2 T fish sauce
2 T brown sugar + 1-2 more tsp.
7 -8 cloves garlic,minced
1 fresh minced red chili,OR 1-2 tsp. chili sauce (optional)
2 T white wine or cooking wine (or sherry)
squeeze of lime juice
1.In a bowl or cup, mix together the soy sauce, oyster sauce, fish
sauce, 2 Tbsp. brown sugar, garlic, and chili (if using). Stir until
the sugar dissolves.
2.Wash and dry the eggplant. Slicing lengthwise, thinly cut the
eggplant (about 1/4 inch thick is good). You can then cut these slices
into smaller sections, if you wish, but I like to keep mine whole, so
that they look like eggplant "cellos". Also, they will stay on the
grill easier if they remain wide and flat
3.Place the eggplant slices in a long, flat dish (like a glass lasagna
casserole dish). Pour the garlic sauce you made earlier over the slices,
turning them to cover with sauce (You will have to pile the slices on
top of each other).
4.Allow eggplant to marinate at least 10 minutes, or up to 24 hours
ahead of grilling time (cover and refrigerate for longer periods).
5.Barbecuing eggplant is very easy. Simply place the eggplant slices
on a hot grill, allowing 5-10 minutes each side (this depends on how
thick the slices are), or until the eggplant has turned golden-brown
and is soft when tested with a fork.
Eggplant Cooking Tips: Note that all of the eggplant is eaten,
including the seeds and skin (the skin is where you'll get most of the
nutrients). I also leave on the top (stem) of the eggplant when
grilling, so that some of the largest pieces have a "handle", making
turning easier. When grilling, be sure to turn the eggplant often, as
it can easily burn.
6.While the eggplant is cooking, pour the remaining sauce from the
bottom of the casserole dish into a sauce pan. Place over medium heat,
adding a few Tbsp. wine plus a squeeze of lime juice and 1 tsp. brown
7.Bring to a near-boil, then reduce heat to minimum. Taste-test the
sauce - it should be garlicky and slightly sweet. Adjust the sweetness
according to your taste, adding up to 1 more tsp. sugar. If you'd like
it more garlicky, add a little more fresh or pureed garlic. If it's too
salty for your taste, add another squeeze of lime juice. Note that the
sauce should be quite strong - this will complement the mild taste of
the eggplant.
8.To serve, place eggplant on a platter, and either pour the sauce
over, or serve it on the side.

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