Friday, July 27, 2012

Progressive Dinner #4

Another progressive dinner in the neighborhood.  It was an around the world theme. (Olympic opening ceremonies was just a lucky coincidence;)  No recipes here just pictures.  Forgive the low lighting but it was a party:)

 We started with Spanish  Croquettas & Champagne Mojitos.

Then we had American bean, corn and spinach egg rolls
Then we had Vietnamese Bahn Mi

Then we had an English Sausage Roll and beer. And I have to note here, I hate beer but I had a lager and lime and it was really great! 
Then we had this lovely fruit salad with onions and cilantro.
Then we had a French Brie and Sidecar cocktail.

Then we had a Thai red curry

Then we had Italian Taramisu. No picture because I got there late and it had been devoured!

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood:).

Oh and one last shot of the mushroom bahn mi that was a really tasty alternative to the pork one!

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