Sunday, August 12, 2012

Aero Garden

Day one: Set up
Tonight, we celebrated a huge accomplishment of a dear friend.  He got his PhD!  The amount of work alone makes it an amazing accomplishment, but he did it while working and making time for family!  Unbelievable!  Well since we were celebrating all day with them, I didn't cook, but I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about a product I got for my birthday and that I am pretty impressed with: my AeroGarden.  I got it as a birthday present from my MIL.  I have been wanting it for salad greens.  I can't believe how much lettuce we waste.  It is inevitably the fancier greens.  I can only find them already packaged and washed, and never as heads, bunches, whatever from they come in.  I thought that this would be an excellent way to harvest only what was needed.  It was easy to put together.  They sprouted with in a week and are grew fast.  However the thing that impressed me the most was their customer service.  One of my pods didn't sprout.  I figured I was out of luck, but I shouldn't have been.  These things weren't cheap.  So, I sent an email out.  With in an hour, I had a response.  The very nice representative asked for detailed information and shipping info so she could replace the pod.  Long story short, by the end of the second hour, I had 2 Arugula pods on the way to my house.  I don't think the one that didn't sprout was arugula, but I said I would like it if possible.  Not  only was that pod replaced, but I got a second one! And she set up my account with their online store, so if I wanted to order anything, it would be easy and I could keep track of my replacement pod order.  We did a small harvest (think one salad size) and mixed it into some lettuce we had.  They were lovely:).

Control panel
Salad greens seed pod

After a week

After 2 weeks and 1 harvest!

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