Thursday, September 6, 2012

Broiled Tamari Ginger Salmon Steaks

Well we enjoyed the skinny tostadas so much, I choose another recipe from Laurie's Cravings.  As expected, it was delicious.  It was also fast and healthy.  If you don't know what tamari is, it a type of soy sauce.  I do notice a flavor difference, but I know many do not.  The main reason most people use it, is because it is naturally gluten free, where traditional soy is fermented with wheat.  However, I did read that the labeling has not always been completely accurate, at least in the beginning.  If you want to read a quick summary you can check out wisegeek.  With the salmon, I made some brown rice cooked in a low sodium stock.  (beef was what I had open so that is what I used, but any could work) I also quickly stir fried a couple of carrots, red onion and green pepper with some garlic and a bit of the tamari.  I think one of the best things about Laurie's recipes is that not only are they tasty, but you feel good after eating them.  Thank you, again, for another awesome recipe.

Broiled Tamari Ginger Salmon Steaks

grated ginger
pepper to taste
wild caught salmon steaks

I gave you the basics so you know what the recipe requires but since it isn't mine, please click here for the recipe

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