Monday, September 3, 2012

Skinny Vegetarian Black Bean Tostada

For meatless Monday, I chose to make a recipe from one of my favorite food blogs: Laurie's Craving's.  Not only does everything look and (and the ones I have made) taste great, but her recipes are healthy.  Tasty, healthy cooking is something I dabble with, but I have always said just have a little and a huge salad. (well at least until I learn the secret of it)  This recipe was really tasty, not fattening, and really filling.  Even my husband, who isn't a fan of avocado, really liked his. (he also has an inherent prejudiced against healthy cooking:)  It was also an easy recipe to make and fast.  All the "ingredients" (pardon my pun lol) for a perfect weeknight family dinner.  My husband did add a small sprinkling of cheese over the beans, but it really wasn't a lot, and I didn't miss it on mine.  The only issue my son had, is he isn't a fan of corn tortillas.  I can empathize; we are conditioned in the US to think of tortillas as the flour type only.  It  takes some getting used to if you don't eat the corn ones.  I happen to love them for certain things and the flour ones for certain things.  I think this is definitely the time for the corn ones.  I wouldn't change a thing.

Skinny Vegetarian Black Bean Tostada
bell pepper,diced
red wine vinegar
dried oregano
salt and pepper,to taste
jalapeno flavored hot sauce to taste (optional)
tomato paste
cooked black beans (or canned beans,drained and rinsed)
medium tomato,diced
haas avocado,diced
corn tortillas,warmed
oil spray
fresh cilantro,minced

For the actual recipe please click here.

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