Thursday, December 27, 2012

Perfect French Fries (Adapted From David Myers's Recipe For "Pommes Frites"

Tonight, for my darling husband, I made the French Fries With Bulgogi And Caramelized Kimchi that he loved so much, but we tried the "restaurant" method of a two temperature fry.  Much like Jack Sprat and his wife, my husband seem to disagree on a lot of food items.  For example, I love the frosting on cake, in fact cake is a vehicle for frosting, he scrapes it off.  (what a weirdo, I know;)  I could go on, but how it applies to this recipe is that I liked these better and he preferred the start in cold oil ones we make last time.  We agreed, however, that this method cooked them much faster.  I can only assume that's because we had less in the pan at a time.  We didn't have peanut oil, we used canola.  It is interesting to note, that I was told by an allergist that peanut oil does not affect people with peanut allergies.  (at least heat pressed oil and any oil heated) I would check with your doctor first of course, but our brush with a peanut allergy in the house was quite an educational experience.  So back to the recipe :)  If you are a french fry aficionado, and haven't been able to reproduce that restaurant quality fry, this recipe is pretty close.  Main points: soak to remove starch & two temperature fry.

Perfect French Fries (Adapted From David Myers's Recipe For "Pommes Frites")

6    Idaho russet potatoes
Peanut oil
Sea salt (Myers prefers Sel Gris,a fine light grey French salt)

Peel and square off potato ends. Cut into 3/8" batons. Soak for two
hours changing water after an hour. Dry thoroughly with paper towels.
Heat about an inch of oil (or enough to cover potatoes) in a large,
heavy bottomed pot to 290 degrees. Blanch potatoes gently for about two
minutes until cooked through but still completely pale. Place on a
paper- towel lined sheet pan and cool in the refrigerator to stop
cooking process.
Re-heat oil to 370 degrees. Cook fries until golden and crispy, about 3
to 4 minutes. If necessary, agitate gently with a spatula to prevent
sticking. Remove from pan and toss with salt to taste (Myers doesn't
blot but you can if you want less fat). Serve immediately. Recipe
serves 4 to 6.

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