Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cheesesteak Mac N Cheese

We enjoyed our last recipe from Happy Valley Chow, so I decided to try another.  The pizza was one I picked out for my husband; tonight's recipe I picked out for myself!  (not that the boys are complaining;)  I did make a mistake; I forgot to buy provolone, so I used the mozzarella I had on hand.  While I do think the provolone would make a better dish, there were no complaints about the one with the mozzarella!  It was comfort on a plate.  I think the idea to use the immersion blender to make the sauce was brilliant.  Now I love my immersion blender and use it quite a bit, but using it on this sauce remind me of an article I read about a chef that thought it "one trick pony" until he was told to use it to beat eggs before scrambling them, and that reminded me that I probably do not use my immersion blender to its full extent.  I am determined to make scrambled eggs in the near future and whip them thusly!  If you are a vegetarian, still make this (omitting meat obviously) because the sauce is a great one for mac n cheese and the peppers and onions go great in it.  I think I would like sauteed mushrooms too (since I adore mushrooms) and they would be a good substitute for the beef.  (or addition carnivores;)

Cheesesteak Mac N Cheese

unsalted butter
sirloin steak
red pepper
green pepper
Kosher salt
elbow macaroni
all-purpose flour
dry mustard
sharp cheddar cheese
sour cream
panko bread crumbs
Smoked paprika

Recipe and directions here

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  1. Thanks sooo much for trying my recipes! I really enjoy seeing people use them, because it justifies that me spending all this time blogging is worth it! It looks just like mine, so I am assuming the recipe was clear enough. Thanks again :)

    Happy Valley Chow