Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Valley Chow's McJagger

I have had a lot of fun blogging the past 18 months or so but  I enjoyed trying all these new recipe (and revisiting some oldies), but also I love that I have found a lot of cool people with cool food blogs. (although I am annoyed with my phone for making it impossible to comment on the blogs, and I rarely use the computer) I tried a recipe tonight from a blog I love, and suggest you check out: Happy Valley Chow.  I knew this recipe seemed made for my husband.  With the exception of blue cheese, every ingredient is one he loves, its PIZZA, he went to Penn State and he loves the Rolling Stones.  I am not a fan of sweet and savory (nor apples in particular) but I thought this might be something I would like too.  It was quite good.  My husband and son loved it; I liked it despite the fact it had apples on it.  I personally would have liked a tad more cheese, but I did go light on it for my darling husband.  I will admit that our first crust got burnt; we have never done pizza like this before.  We turned down the temp a bit and the second crust was perfect.  I loved the texture the dough got from this cooking method.  As always with recipes from other bloggers, I will give you a general sense of the ingredients with a link to their page with the recipe.  Enjoy!


Pizza Dough
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Granny Smith Apples

Recipe available here

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  1. Thanks for sharing Kim! I am so glad you enjoyed it and had success with the recipe! It looks like it turned out great :)

    Happy Valley Chow