Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Patty Melt

So this post doesn't really count.  No real recipe here, just a record of our dinner.  Also just an idea for a slightly different dinner.  It isn't unusual, but it is easy to forget about some dishes.  The patty melt is a great example.  We have ordered them before, but I have never made one before.  No, it isn't a traditional patty melt.  I had some white/wheat swirled bread I bought on a BOGO whim, cheddar wedge left over from the skyrim dinner, and a onion.  Oh and confession time, I used frozen Bubba Burgers for the patty.  I bought them in a moment of "on sale" madness thinking it would be an easy lunch for the kids and their friends when they are over.  That never happened, so I am starting the war again on my pantry and fridge clutter:).

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