Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Double Crunch Honey Garlic Chicken Breasts

My husband has had a rough few days at work so I decided to make something I thought he would love.  I thought this recipe looked and sounded awesome (and according to the site over a million views so...) but I am always a little nervous of pintrest pins most likely since the first one I tried was a failure. (no you can not make a light stick out of mountain dew!)  I was nervous personally since I generally don't care for sweet & savory.  Heck sweets in general.  I have enjoyed deserts from time to time but 90% of the time I would rather have an appetizer over dessert. I did alter it a bit.  I cut out 1/3 of the ground ginger.  I thought it was too much but I think it would I've been ok if I used it all.  I also only had 3/4 cups of honey left, so I used it but still kept the 1/4 cup soy.  I also added a few more cloves of garlic since I was using the press to mince them and it doesn't get the whole clove in the dish.  The result?  Well when the boys came home from soccer, they raved about the smell, so that boded well.  The dish was really good!  The more we ate it, the more we liked it.  We served it with rice to soak up the sauce.  The sauce was good, but we had about double we needed, so if you don't plan on using it for something else, it might get wasted.

Double Crunch Honey Garlic Chicken Breasts

Boneless Chicken Breasts
black pepper
ground ginger
ground nutmeg
ground thyme
ground sage
cayenne pepper
Olive Oil
Soy Sauce
Black Pepper

Recipe and instructions here

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  1. Great job! The glaze looks incredible, can't wait to try :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow