Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Scrambled Eggs

I am being lazy tonight. (cooking and post)  I let my husband make the potato latkes and cook the bacon in the oven while I made scrambled eggs.  I was going to skip the post tonight, but my husband thinks my scrambled eggs are really good and different so I will give a brief post just in case you are interested in it.  I first heard that we cook scrambled eggs on too high a temperature on, of all places, a Nero Wolf episode.  He had this long lecture on the heinous treatment of scrambled eggs at the hands of American housewives, however, at least he did grant that most of us don't have a half an hour to cook them in the mornings.  Later, while perusing Mark Bittmans wonderful book How to Cook Everything, he gives a recipe for cooking slow and low the eggs while constantly breaking up the curds as the form to produce a superior scrambled egg.  When first making these eggs, I thought I would try out the recommendation I saw for whisking the eggs with an immersion blender.  The chef in question (I forget who) said that he discovered that it worked wonderfully.  So when I first made scrambled eggs in this manner, I kind of just made things up as I went along, keeping in mind all the information I had heard in the past.   So no recipe, no picture, just some general advice:).

When cooking scrambled eggs next time, try cooking them on medium low, use an immersion blender to really whip them up well and stir constantly (with a high temp rubber spatula if you got it) to prevent large curds from forming.  I always use salt, pepper and a pinch of granulated garlic in my eggs.  Also keep in mind, breakfast for dinner is a fast (sometimes meatless;) dinner.

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