Monday, June 24, 2013

Eggplant Veggie Burgers

I saw an eggplant burger on 'The Best Thing I Ever Ate' and thought it sounded like a great idea. They gave you an idea if what was in it, but not the recipe. I decided for meatless Monday, I would take a stab at it. The result?  Tasty and fixable, but the "patty" was more like a paste and didn't stay together.  Even the boy, who is not a fan if eggplant, thought it tasty. His recommendation, which I think is brilliant, was to add some smokiness.  I think next time, I would mix in a drop or two if liquid smoke, but this time he added some smoked salt. I would also add garlic next time. What I'm not sure of is how to get it to retain its shape: more bread crumbs in the patty, breading the patty, more cheese in the patty (maybe even a cheese coating?) or possibly deep frying:)?  So while this tasted good, it is still a "fixable" recipe.

Eggplant Veggie Burger

2 good size eggplants diced about 6 cups
2 scallion slice
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1/2 cup of veggie broth
1 1/2 Cup cheddar cheese shredded (1 c cheese inside burger 1/2 for topping)
1/4 cup parsley
1 cup bread crumbs
Salt & Pepper
Sriracha Mayonnaise
Hamburger Buns
Cook eggplants on medium-high in the oil (oh and season the eggplant with salt) until mostly soft (about 8 minutes) add the stock scrape pan and cover and cook another 5-10 minutes (until the eggplant is totally cooked through) remove cover add the scallions cook until until the scallions have softened and the liquid has all evaporated.  Put the eggplant/scallion mixture in to a food processor along with 1 cup of the cheese, parsley and bread crumbs. Process until a thick paste.  Taste and adjust seasoning.  Add some more breadcrumbs if it seems too wet.  Shape into patties (I used an egg ring) on wax paper and chill to set.  Pan fry them in butter until outside is browned and the inside is warm.  Serve with sriracha mayo and tomatoes on buns

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  1. Delicious looking burger and I love that it's a healthy one! Thanks for sharing :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow