Sunday, July 21, 2013

Berry Syrup

I have been away from the blog for what feels like forever, but I promise there were good reasons.  First of all, the refrigerator, yes the fairly new one, has been having some issues which resulted with us not using it for a long time.  (parts on back order ugh!)  Then we went away for a week for a family reunion.  So, I am now trying to get back in to my blogging groove.  Since we still aren't doing much cooking, fridge fixed Wednesday, I thought I would keep it simple, so with our further ado, the post;).

I have a new toy, a soda siphon.  We waste so much club soda between making myself less sweet syrupy sodas & cocktails, I thought it would be worth the investment. While I am digging the extra fuzzy club soda, and we are using the heck out of it, the jury is still out on if it is more economical. I thought one way I can justify the purchase is to make "sodas" for the kids too. I found this recipe for  making syrup from a variety of berries and thought it would make the kids a sweet drink and give them a little bit of fruit too.  I make my first batch with blueberries.  The biggest issue we had with this syrup was the chunks.  Next time, I will need to do something about the texture.  It may be that blueberries will never make a smooth enough texture for soda, but they made a fine ice cream topping:)!

Berry Syrup

1 Cup fresh or frozen berries (any kind strawberries, blueberries, raspberries)
1/4 Cup tap water
1 Cup sugar

Original recipe & directions here

What I did different, was that after cooking, I pureed it so make it better for drinks, and while I think this syrup would be great on pancakes, ice cream, etc...  for the "sodas" I found that just plain fruit (thawed if frozen), in a blender with just a splash or two of water or juice (and a little bit of agave syrup if you want it really sweet) worked better.

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