Monday, July 8, 2013

Butternut Squash Stuffed Shells with a Lemon Sage Brown Butter Sauce

I had some butternut squash from my Front Porch Pickings basket, and I was browsing Pinterest for ideas. I came across a pin for butternut squash stuffed shells with a lemon sage brown butter sauce. I planned on using the recipe as a guide, but I kind of just made it up as I went along. The main thing I used the recipe for: the brilliant suggestion of adding lemon zest to the filling. I also took the sauce and cooking time from the pinned recipe. They were pretty similar in the end. The main thing I did really different, was I mashed the squash.  I liked the texture better that way.  Next time I would change the sauce.  The butter sauce didn't do anything really, so I think I just might make my sage cream sauce and put a dollop on top of each shell next time.  The best thing about this dish is the squash;  I thin I will replace 1/2 the ricotta in my stuffed/layered pastas from now on with roasted squash.  It was tasty and it adds some vitamins and lightens it up a bit.  Sorry about the vagueness of the recipe.  I was dictating it to Siri, and you know how she is;) and then the blogger app decided to erase my carefully corrected recipe.

Butternut Squash Stuffed Shells with a Lemon Sage Brown Butter Sauce

2 cups of butternut squash, roasted
1/4 cup of garlic seasoned Parmesan
1/2  teaspoon of kosher salt
1 1/4 cups of ricotta cheese
1 egg beaten
splash of hot sauce
Zest from one lemon
1/2 onion sauteed in a little bit of butter and veggie broth if necessary to make it soft
Sage Butter sauce
1 stick of butter
handful of sage leaves
juice of one lemon
Preheat oven to 350
Stuff  Shells with the mixture and then put them in a buttered baking dish
(I added a little bit of vegetable broth to the bottom to make sure he didn't stick or get dry)
Put them in the oven, uncovered and cook about 20 minutes
While they are cooking, melt the butter in a pan an cook over medium heat until it becomes golden brown,
Add the sage leaves and cook until they crisp up.
Remove from heat, add lemon juice and season with salt. 
Set aside and keep warm
When the shells come out of the oven, spoon the butter sauce over-the-top

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