Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pancetta Fried Rice

Another pin from Pinterest tonight. It turns out it is a recipe from the same blog that I got one of my all time favorite recipes: Teriyaki Salmon with Sriracha Cream. The sriracha cream is quite possibly the most perfect sauce ever!  The blog is called Damn Delicious. I am going to have to have a good look through it, soon. This pancetta fried rice was really great. A solid 4.5 from me, the boy was hovering between 3.5-4. The hubby wasn't home so we don't have his rating, and except for the scallions the girl liked it too!  Not only did it get high marks from everyone, it was easy to make, and inexpensive. The hardest part was the chopping/grating before the cooking. That could always be done ahead of time and then dinner would take like 15 minutes. I made extra rice when we make the poblano chicken so I had the 3 cups of cooked rice already cooked and measured out. Even with the chopping and egg cooking, it came together really quick. I adore the fact that the regular scrambled eggs in fried rice was replaced with an over medium egg!  Mmmmm runny yolk! I am looking forward to having it for breakfast. (2 eggs??)

Pancetta Fried Rice

 olive oil divided
pancetta diced
Clove garlic minced
onion diced
frozen corn
frozen peas
carrots peeled and grated
grated fresh ginger
cooked rice
soy sauce
Green onions sliced
Fried eggs for serving
Sriracha for serving

Recipe and instructions here
In the pan

In the bowl

with egg

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