Monday, August 26, 2013

Papaya & Pear Juice

I love my juicer. We have a glass every day. My favorite is the "original v-8" but we often just destroy vast amounts of produce and alternate between sweet and savory juices, often leaning towards the savory.  This was a kind of fruit clean up juice I really enjoyed, so I figured I would save it to the blog.  The papaya make for quite a thick juice, I think it really can't be a single item in a juice unless you want it more like a shake.  Next time I think I might like to try a bit of ginger in the juice as well; not too much to overwhelm the flavor but just a smidge.

Papaya & Pear Juice
1 papaya
1 red pear
1 green pear
1 Granny Smith
1/2 lemon

Put items in the juicer and serve over ice. 

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