Saturday, August 17, 2013

Portobello And Leek Carbonara

There were many issues with tonight's dinner, but in the end, it was really delicious!  The idea of mushroom, leeks and bacon is a trifecta in my book!  Even the boy who really dislikes mushrooms, ate well and said they even tasted good!  My issues were mainly because I always want to follow a new recipe exactly. I feel like I am learning about ingredients and/or techniques I haven't tried. In this case, I was concerned with some vagueness. The leeks say "trimmed and patted dry".  Surely they were cut, but how?  The picture showed them sliced fairly thickly, but when I told my husband to slice them for me, ours were thinly sliced.  Sounds like no big deal right? However, I was worried how that would affect the cooking time and their doneness.  Another issue we had personally was my husband likes things a certain texture. He likes a little of everything in every bite and doesn't like big chunks. However, personal preferences aside, the flavor was there. I did add a good bit of freshly ground black pepper too. In the end it was a winning dish,  despite the fact I was concerned that I was messing it up;).

Portobello And Leek Carbonara

thick-cut bacon chopped
baby portobello mushrooms quartered
whole wheat linguine
large eggs
freshly grated parmesan cheese

Recipe and instructions here (it is from a fellow blogger)

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