Thursday, November 14, 2013

Steak Salad TBT

This is one of our favorite recipes. We used to have it every soccer practice night. While I did "create" it, it is based loosely on a steak salad at a local restaurant. Since the T-bones were in sale I got that instead if the usual New York Strip.  I need to apologize for the lighting on the picture, I was at a wine tasting and not there to add my meager photography skills. However, my husband was perfect were it counts, the cooking part.  I am putting the recipe I have in my computer here.  You can see the original post on how to make the steak, balsamic reduction etc.. or you can use your own recipes and just try the combo.  We love this salad!

If you want a more detailed recipe, you can see the original post.  (I'm feeling lazy sorry)

Steak Salad

Arugula (and Other Greens If You Wish)
Bleu Cheese
Balsamic Reduction
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Steak Cooked Medium Rare
mix the arugula, tomatoes and scallions.  sprinkle with salt and pepper
and toss in the oil.  put the salad on the plates and top with blue
cheese.  slice the steak thinly and put on top of the salad.  Drizzle
with the balsamic reduction in a pretty pattern.

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