Saturday, December 14, 2013

Progressive Dinner #5

The cul de sac was at it again!  We finally got together for another progressive dinner. Here it is two weeks later and I am finally writing the post.  Forgive me the brevity and just know that the evening was full of great food and friends!   In honor of one neighbors recent trip to Spain & France, we had a loose "Tour of Europe"  theme.

 We started off in England with cheese, crackers, chutney, cider, ale and the most interesting cocktail, Pimm's Cup.  It was amazing!

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Cheese and Chutney

Cider and Ale

Pimm's Cup

Next we went to Spain with a shrimp tapa, with rice and bread

Next we went to Venesuela for a papusa with a slaw and beans

Cheese and crackers too!

and beer!

Then we went to France with my dish, the roast pork with mustard sauce.

Then we went to Germany for Sausage and Apples.  I have to say, I don't dig fruit much, (or sausage for that matter) but I really liked this dish!

We ended up in Italy with a Lemon Raqspberry Taramisu

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