Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tri-Color latkes

I used the latke recipe on the blog, so no recipe tonight, just an admonishment to switch out some of your potatoes (or any time you can for that matter) for the healthier versions of  it like the sweet potato.  I tried this because I had a bunch of different potatoes (sweet, purple sweet and Yukon golds) and was determined to not orthodox them go to waste. We all do love a good latke (which in a moment of what could only be madness, I induced my daughter to eat them by calling them Hanukkah fries and has now stuck:) so latkes were what we decided to make with all these odds and ends. Now raw, these guys looked awesome and kind of like coleslaw. 
Unfortunately they didn't look as cool once all golden brown from cooking. We topped them with an over medium egg because a runny yolk makes almost anything better. 

The end result?  These were the best latkes we have ever had!  They didn't taste totally like a sweet potato, but they were infinitely richer in flavor than just plain ole white potato. 

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