Friday, October 5, 2012

Sticky Garlic Chicken Skewers

I am cheating again.  I made 3 recipes tonight, but am posting one per day. (I have good reasons this time not just lazy or allowing my family a repeat)  The menu tonight consisted of Sticky Garlic Chicken Skewers, Collard Greens and Spicy Cheddar, Bacon & Jalapeno Double Corn Muffins.  It wasn't intentional, but making the collard greens today seems oddly fitting.  A very dear friend of mine passed away and she loved southern food and collards in particular.  She also baked corn bread.  Her funeral is tomorrow, but it is too far away for me to attend.  When I realized I was making a dish that was totally her, it was bitter sweet.  We had cooked together often when we were in the same town, and I kind of  felt her there with me tonight.  Including our customary cooking snafu. (I left the cheese out of the batter and actually had the muffins in the oven before I noticed!) I don't want the post to be all emotional.  This blog is about food, and  it is the chicken dish that is the subject of tonight's post. I think she would have like the chicken dish too but it's hardly southern.)  It was very tasty.  I think I had the chicken sliced too thin and that made threading on the skewers and grilling difficult, but other than that, it was very good.  I started marinading that morning. And grilled them for about 8 minutes. (4 per side)  I started them cooking when the corn bread was out of the oven and the collards were done.  (I kept the collards on low while I cooked the chicken) I may be crazy, but I didn't see when the wanted to salt and pepper to be added so I seasoned to taste at the end.  I don't think it needed much.  Tomorrow I have a wedding to attend, so I have know idea what my evening will be like or even if we eat at all once we get home.  So tomorrow I will post the collard recipe and Sunday the muffins.  (I think I might deserve a cooking break then;)

Sticky Garlic Chicken Skewers
3 ea garlic,crushed
2 T  clear honey
4 T  tomato ketchup
4 T  Worcestershire sauce
2 t  English mustard
2 t  Tabasco sauce
3    chicken breasts,skinless and boneless, cut into thin strips
Salt And Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Mix together everything except the chicken. Then toss in the chicken
strips and stir to coat well. Transfer to a non metallic dish and cover
and leave to marinate for a minimum of 20 minutes but overnight is
Pre-heat the grill to high.
Thread the chicken strips onto the skewers (about twelve) and arrange
on a foil lined baking sheet and grill for 6-7 minutes, turning
occasionally until well browned and cooked through or bbq over hot
coals for 5-6 minutes.

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