Thursday, September 19, 2013

Teriyaki Salmon With Sriracha Cream Sauce (Throwback Thursday #3)

Ahh these throwback Thursdays are teaching me about the fallibility of memory. This ranked among the top 10 things we ever made, and was a strong contender for #1, and it was still delicious, but it didn't neatly make me faint and cry with joy the way I  remembered it.  My boy, who picked this TBT dish, still proclaims it a 5 star dish! My husband too.  I really enjoyed it and truth be told the sriracha cream does still make we weep with joy, but I was a smidge disappointed. Perhaps, in the exalted perfection of memory, I set my expectations too high. I shouldn't be complaining, it was a fine, nay excellent dinner, but I had put the memory of it on so high a pedestal, I should have known, it was going to lose in the comparison. I hope I haven't put you off the dish with my lamenting my first world problems. It is an outstanding dish.  It looks pretty too. (Although I think that the first post picture looks better than tonight's) It isn't too hard, or pricey. By those standards, it's freakin magical!
I did make the alterations to the original recipe again and I stand by them, 20 minutes is just too long for cooking salmon!  See my original post, for those instructions.  As such I am sending you to that link from the instructions link, but if you click on the title below, it will send you to the original blog.

Teriyaki Salmon With Sriracha Cream Sauce

soy sauce
brown sugar
ground ginger (I recommend fresh)
garlic powder
salmon filets
Cooked rice
Sesame seeds
Sliced green onions
For the Sriracha cream sauce:
sweetened condensed milk

Recipe and instructions here

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